A Message from Coldstream Riders Association

The run up to what would have been Civic Week 2020 couldn’t have been much stranger than this year. Normally by now we would be seeing what fields are cut, planning routes, marking potential hazards and clearing tracks. This year has been working out how to make our week a virtual one- a challenge faced across the Borders this year, with no early morning trip to the Hut at Hawick, no watching the Flag cast in the Square at Selkirk, no cry of “Jedharts here” as the riders arrive at the Carter Bar, no address as the Riders arrive at the Stobstane at Yetholm and no Gallop up Branxton Hill with the Standard flying in the wind for us.

These changes have left not only our three lads, Chris, Harry and Jono, but principles across the Borders in a state of limbo, no new ones installed and no old ones stepping into the line-up of Ex Principles. However, it is not only them who have been affected – the businesses who have lost out on the extra trade made during the Festival weeks and the Horse Hirers for whom a large part of their income comes from the Common Ridings have all taken a hit during the lock down from Covid 19. We must strive to support our local businesses as we look towards a better Common Riding season 2021.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Golden and Silver Jubilee Coldstreamers’, Coldstreamer 1970 Angus Maxwell and Coldstreamer 1995 Sean Laidlaw. Congratulations on reaching these milestones! I am sure both would have been seen across the Borders this year catching up with auld friends and reliving their memories.

Along with Presenting Coldstream we have put together a Virtual Civic Week we hope young and old will enjoy. Please keep an eye on the Facebook pages for more details.

Last but not least, to you the people of Coldstream thank you for your continued support.

Richard Dickson
Coldstreamer 2004
Chairperson Coldstream Riders Association