Coldstream Civic Week 2020

This year’s Coldstream Civic Week will be like no other one has been – unfortunately for the wrong reasons. A lot of restrictions are still in place and Coldstream Riders Association and Presenting Coldstream have had to make the difficult decision that Civic Week cannot be held as normal.

We ask that people do not follow the rideout routes and please do not go up to Branxton Hill on the Thursday. The rideouts take place each year with the co-operation of the local farmers.  Please do not jeopardise the future of these rideouts by entering and crossing farmland and possibly endangering the farmers and their employees during these uncertain times.

There are lots of virtual events organised that we hope you will take part in and enjoy, and with any luck we can all look forward to a better Civic Week 2021.

Richard Dickson
Chairperson Coldstream Riders Association

Stuart Galbraith
Chairperson Presenting Coldstream